Basic Plan

Creation of web page, plus one year hosting $500

Basic Web page includes:

  • Up to 6 pages with administrative ability
  • Choice of 5 existing themes
  • Ability to edit web page and upload photos from any internet connection.
  • Up to 10 images edited by us for the look and feel of the website.
  • Up to 2 hours of over the phone training for how to maintain and update your site.
  • 1 gig of memory storage
  • 1 year of hosting.
  • Email forwarding to any email from

Additional years of hosting $100 each. Additional Training $75/hr


Fancy Schmancy options:

  • Drop down or float over menus $100
  • Set up your email hosting on Google Mail
    • Your email will still be, but it will be hosted and with all the features of google's hosted account.
    • 7500MB+ of storage and growing.
    • Excellent Spam filtering.
    • Best choice for seperation of your business and personal email accounts
  • Slide show $50 per page.
  • Secondary menu $50
  • Site customization / image editing- $50/hr.
  • Your own theme designed to your personal taste and preferences (Individual Quote based on complexity)
  • Randomly rotating images $100 includes the editing of up to 8 images to fit this format.
  • Tweaks/Additions to your site most at $50 per item, may be combined depending on complexity
    • Rss Feeds of site content sent to your own subscribers
    • RSS feeds from outside source posted on your site
    • Additional Pages