Happy Endings

Ahhh clients, the life blood of any service industry.   Here are a few LLhosts sites.

http://lizlurie.com/ - Liz Lurie,  Ceramic Artist;  Dallas, TX.

http://tarawilsonpottery.com/ - Tara Wilson; Ceramic Artist, Montana City, MT.

http://levinlabs.info/ - Bruce Levin; Professor of Biology, Atlanta, GA.

http://shawanopres.org/ - First Presbyterian Church of Shawano, WI

http://wrhabitat.org/ - Wolf River Habitat for Humanity, WI

http://osacanopytour.com/ - Osca Canopy Tours; Costa Rica.

http://fuenteverdecommunity.org - Sustainable community in Costa Rica

And of course, we "eat our own dogfood" as it were. 

http://woodfire.com/ - Simon Levin, Semi-Famous potter, Gresham, WI.

http://llpots.com/ - Lloyd Cledwyn, Non-famous potter, St. Paul, MN.