Cat Skinning

Here are some other ways to achieve what  LLhosts is offering.

Victim of a favor

  • Cozy up to a web spinner (do people still use that term?)
  • Ask them to register your site, and provide the server.
  • Ask them to design a site and post it for you.
  • Bake cookies for them every time you want to add a line to your resume or change an upcoming event.
  • Wait till they can make the changes on their own time.
  • Strain your friendship. Harbor resentment. Die old and alone

 (this may or may not be due to following the above course of action. Results may vary.)

 Throw money down a hole.

  • Register your own domain name. ($35)<
  • Find a host server ($180)
  • Hire a good web design firm to build you a website that shines. ($1,000 to $10,000)
  • Sit back and watch your site meter slowly move glacially towards 10 visits.
  • Fight off creditors Loose the rest in the divorice.Die old and alone.


 Do it your own self (this is the one I chose)

  • Register your own domain name. $8.00
  • Find web hosting. $100 a year
  • Buy nice web design software Adobe ($404) Dreamweaver
  • Find a teacher and pester them with questions. (use a knowlegeable friend its cheaper)
  • Learn HTML and CSS and other strange consonant strings like FTP

(Upfront Cost: countless hours away from home, work, play)

(Unseen Cost: friends will cozy up to you and ask you to build them websites You will eat too many cookies, become obese because you are always in front of that damn computer, you will loose your friendships with those parasites who are constantly asking for web favors, you will end up resenting the friend who taught you web programming, your family will leave you because you don't spend time with them. You will die old and alone.)


So as you can see, LLhosts is probably the only way to ensure your grave will be visited. For that alone you should send us money, but if you act now we will throw in a nifty website that is easy to maintain and update.